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Inovatta napkins bring the well-known and loved quality of Snob napkins to your commercial space. Its virgin cellulose composition makes them more resistant and the ideal option for day-to-day use in your establishment.

IGL24- Inovatta Snack Time Napkin

  • Characteristics:

    • 100% virgin cellulose
    • 1-Ply Sheet
    • Snob Quality napkins
    • Embossed Resistant
    • Crumble-free
    • Easy replacement in the dispenser
    • 20 packs with 720 sheets each
    • Sheet size: 10cm x 21.6cm
    • Package size (LxWxH): 22 x 11 x 12cm
  • Dispenser / Recommended Product:


  • Circulation:


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