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Founded over 82 years ago, Santher is dedicated to creating brands and businesses in the consumer goods market, industrial paper and toilet paper solutions for industries, commercial establishments, companies and hotels.

The company was born from the dream of a great man, Fadlo Haidar from Lebanon, who on September 23, 1938 acquired a plot of land in the Penha de França neighborhood, on the east side of the city of São Paulo, and there began the construction of the Santa Therezinha Paper Factory, starting its operations in December of the following year, focused on paper for packaging.


The Haidar family managed the company until June 2020, when Santher was acquired by H&PC Participações S/A and, since then, the Japanese multinational companies Daio Paper Corporation and Marubeni Corporation S/A have been in charge of the organization.

From the implementation of state of the art technologies, materialization of synergies and innovations in products and processes, new shareholders bet on Santher's growth potential, these actions being enhanced by the strength of our top of mind brands: Personal, Snob, kiss, Sym, in addition to the brands Santher Professional and Specialty Papers, belonging to the company's B2B business units.


Consumption Division - Having a family-oriented business unit demonstrates how much we care about people's well-being. Our products were developed to combine quality, comfort and protection for Brazilian families that increasingly seek reliability in its consumption relations. Therefore, we have a complete line of toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, diapers, wipes and a line of female intimate care products.


Special Paper Division - We are a reference in the National and International Market in the manufacture of papers for the most varied industrial uses. We serve several segments, such as steel, graphics and food packaging, with products of excellent performance, which comply with strict technical standards and have a high impact on the success of our customers' business and on the satisfaction of the final consumer.


Professional Division - Our institutional unit has a complete line of products to provide comfort, hygiene and elegance to any public or corporate environment. Regardless of the company´s field of activity or the number of people who visit, we have complete solutions in dispensers, soaps, napkins, toilet paper, seat covers, antiseptics and wipers. The Professional unit shows that it is possible to maintain an institutional environment at the same level of comfort and quality as the products we use at home.

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