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This product is made from Non-transgenic Synthetic and Natural Fibers (cellulose) It is made from material that is bright and highly resistant to humidity. It does not irritate the skin and has been found to be free of microorganisms in external laboratory testing.

WPX53- Snob 4-Ply Wiper

  • Características:

    • Toalhas dobradas descartáveis multiuso
    • Fibras naturais e sintéticas
    • Alta resistência
    • Alta absorção
    • Excelente alvura
    • Calandra hexagonal
    • Melhor custo-benefício
    • 8 pacotes com 100 folhas cada
    • Dimensão da folha: 29,5cm x 32,5cm
    • Dimensão do pacote (CxLxA): 34,5 x 31,5 x 30cm
  • Circulation:

    Low | Average | High

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