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This product is made from Non-transgenic Synthetic and Natural Fibers (cellulose). They are recommended for heavy-duty cleaning such as: oil, grease, and paint. They are made from bright materials that is highly resistant to humidity. It does not irritate the skin and has been found to be free of microorganisms in external laboratory testing.

WPS70- Sanno Robust Wipers Rolls White

  • Characteristics:

    • Multipurpose disposable paper towels
    • Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning Natural and non-transgenic synthetic fibers
    • Color: white Maximum resistance
    • High absorption
    • Does not leave pieces behind Excellent brightness
    • Great cost-effectiveness
    • 8 rolls with 100 sheets
    • Sheet size: 26.5cm x 39.5cm
    • Package size (LxWxH): 14.7 x 35 x 27cm
  • Circulation:


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