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Let´s recall some of the reasons that make the multipurpose WIPER fabrics the best solution for your environment.

Just as it is necessary to know which is the best chemical product, we must also know which type of fabric is best suited for different cleaning activities such as: dusting, drying different surfaces and types of liquids, or even cleaning machinery or equipment.

Even today, most companies use the famous "floor rag" made of cotton cloth or flannel for this purpose. Below, we will recall the reasons that make multipurpose Wipers fabrics the best solution for all these tasks, such as:


Flannel is a fibrous residue derived from cotton or linen and for this reason it presents the feeling of softness desired to clean several surfaces.


- Product is not homogeneous and produces lint;

- Low absorption capacity;

- High waste;

- Higher volume of waste and less ecological disposal.

Cotton cloth

Cotton cloth is the most common name to define left over fabrics (scraps) from different textile industries or domestic disposal, used in different types of cleaning activities.


- Less hygienic and less safety to avoid cross contamination;

- High water consumption in the washing process;

- Strong chemicals* used in washing;

- Product is not homogeneous and produces lint;

- Lower dirt uptake;

- Less ecological disposal.


Wipers are disposable multipurpose paper towels, developed for different types of cleaning, composed of a mixture of natural fibers and non-transgenic synthetic fibers.

It only has pros!

- Greater cleaning power compared to 100% non-transgenic synthetic paper towels;

- Does not produce lint;

- Product has 2 to 8 usable sides;

- More malleable, allowing difficult and small surfaces to be cleaned;

- They weigh 5x less than rags;

- Greater resistance and power for friction.

We have a complete line of Wipers for all types of projects:


Ideal for general cleaning.

Presentation in roll and 4-ply format.

See all the details of these products here.


Ideal for the health care area.

Presentation in 4-ply format.

See all the details of these products here.


Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.

Presentation in roll format.

See all the details of these products here.

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