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Why it is important and what are the advantages of using it compared to using toilet paper over the toilet to protect against bacterial contamination.

According to the results of research published by the American Society for Microbiology, the environment in a public bathroom can contain 6,500 bacteria per square centimeter, with the toilet being the biggest culprit.

Flushing without closing the lid creates a “spray” that spreads fecal bacteria everywhere.

It is very common to use toilet paper to avoid contact with the toilet, but the product is not the most adequate for this purpose:

- As there is a need for post-use manipulation, contact with fecal bacteriological is inevitable

- As 2.4 meters to 4 meters is necessary to cover the toilet;

- Higher likelihood of dirt and clogging.

When using a seat cover:

- Practicality for application on the toilet, keeping the environment cleaner.

- 1 sheet covers the entire toilet, avoiding waste.

- No contact with the hands, as they are dissolvable in water, avoiding contamination.


To help your business avoid this type of contamination, we have the PAS50:

Box with 5 boxes containing 120 protectors each.

100% Natural Fibers

Access all product details here.


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