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Research has already proven that these devices increase the number of bacteria on our hands and spread microbes through the air of the environment, and considering that the drying process via an electric dryer takes an average of 30 seconds versus 11 seconds of drying using paper towels, imagine the proliferation power. .

Below we will demonstrate more fun facts about this type of equipment that many think is the best option in terms of economy.

The older models are activated by pressing an activation button, while the newer ones have an infrared motion sensor that activates the dryer through the presence of the hands.

A study carried out in 2005 revealed that this type of equipment increases the number of microorganisms on the skin by 117%. Although the dryer has an air filter, if the user has not properly washed their hands, the germs present in the environment will be spread in the same way.

Other data revealed by research from the University of Leed's, released in 2014, showed that microorganisms remain in the air around hand dryers for a considerable time: 48% of the bacteria remained in place for more than 5 minutes after use. And after 15 minutes, it was still possible to find the bacteria used in the test around the machine.

When it comes to health care services, the dryer is not recommended and one of the main reasons is due to the minimum recommended drying time not being met by most of the population, as well as the risk of accumulation of bacteria inside the cavity of even the most modern equipment.

Another determining factor for the non-recommendation of use in the health care sector is the possibility of choosing equipment with manual activation, still present in some models, which can cause cross-contamination on the hands.

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